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Life of Integrity

November 27, 2013


To find life’s highest purpose,
an aim known only by a few.
To cultivate humility, approaching
wiser men than you.

To know that life is suffering—
results of many lifetimes’ Kamma.
To understand the final cure
is realizing Buddha-Dhamma.

To set a Noble aim, then do
whatever it takes to reach it.
To learn a Noble Truth, then be
whatever it takes to teach it.

To find a refuge in ourselves
without a doubt to sway us.
To be prepared to strive alone
when so-called friends betray us.

To know that everything that be
will someday reach cessation.
To know that emptiness alone
is free from transformation.

To reach our own enlightenment
by following the Noble Path.
To know that pure integrity
alone can vanquish  Mara’s wrath.

To reach the highest goal, nibbāna
one must work to find it.
To make persistent effort
over years and never mind it.

To maintain our awareness of
the ever-present threat of death.
To maintain our awareness of
our every single precious breath.

To trust no future,
no matter how pleasant.
To find our enlightenment
here in the present.

To cultivate integrity,
and share it by example.
To seek out the eternal truths
of which these are a sample.

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