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Dhamma Teaching Fellowship

Entrance & Residence

Join us in the ecologically pristine rural highlands of Sri Lanka for a unique retreat combining total immersion in authentic Buddhist culture, deep study and practice of the Buddha-Dhamma and Theravāda Suttas, Dhamma teaching and media studies. Upon completion of the program you not only will have the tools you need to perfect your spiritual life, you will be capable of establishing a world-class Buddhist studies center anywhere in the world. Ordination as a Theravāda Buddhist monk is also an option. Limited enrollment ensures that you get lots of personal attention and careful guidance. Our faculty-student ratio is 1:1 or even greater! All teachers are ordained Theravāda monks.


Location: A very small monastery of the Sayādaw branch of the Siam Pitaka lineage (only 6 monks) in rural Sri Lanka, about 4 hours from Colombo, a 1-kilometer hike from the nearest paved road. (The road is getting paved, um, soon.) At about 1000 meters altitude, near a major water source, the environment is so clean you can drink the water in the streams. Surrounded by rice fields and small farms.

Accommodations: Small but comfortable double rooms in new building, suitable for western men, all amenities except A/C (don’t really need it up here in the mountains). Two daily multi-course meals (breakfast and lunch) of spicy vegetarian Sri Lankan cuisine (mostly organically grown in household gardens) cooked and served by local temple devotees. Evening snacks by arrangement.


Dhamma Studies: Deep personalized study of the Theravāda Suttas in the ‘Suttānta’ tradition similar to Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Ven. Ñāṇavīra, R.G. de S. Wettimuny, etc. guided by Ven. Ñāṇasāra. As much daily personal consultation and meditation as you need in your own time and space. The aim is to get the ‘Eye of the Dhamma’, an accurate and comprehensive view of the Buddha’s teaching.

Media Studies: State-of-the-art audio, video and online media training program, adapted to Buddhist philosophy and lifestyle. Includes access to latest cinema-quality video technology and software, writing and scripting, stage direction, lighting, editing and special effects. Mac background helpful. 

Selection and Registration: Serious students of enlightenment with a strong desire to benefit others are welcome to apply. Candidates should contact us by leaving a comment below. Typically 3 months of online study is required preparatory to arrival in Sri Lanka to gauge your level of commitment, ability and method of exchange, work out your personalized program, arrange visa and get to know each other. We will have regular email correspondence, Skype calls and counseling etc. until space is available and you are ready. We have space available right now (mid-November 2013).

  1. Oh, I really want co come. It will be a dream. But how much it’s money a problem and how long do we stay there?

    • Remus, thank you for your interest. We are very serious about making this available to everyone who is sincerely interested. If you are qualified, money is not the issue—we will find some other medium of exchange. You should plan to come for at least 1–3 months. If everything works out, we can arrange visa extension. But you have to be able to afford your airfare and have some funds in case of emergency. I will contact you via email to discuss details.

  2. i’m a sri lankan and can speak farely good english but i’m just 14 years old can i participate in this or am i too small. i can manage to come in the vacations. by the way i got to know bout ur web by the program that was broadcasted on the buddhist channel. pls reply

    • 14 is a bit young, but there are some monks here around that age. We aren’t planning to start until September. I can get you in touch with our chief monk and can discuss further.

  3. oooh thank u
    i’ll … try the prob. is its on september and i’m not free at that time, anyway thank u sir

  4. peaceandwisdom2013 permalink

    How many students are currently enrolled and how are their experiences? Will space be available during summer of 2014?

    • We are still building the housing facility. If you want to come then it’s a possibility, please email for details.

      • peaceandwisdom2013 permalink

        Ok, thank you, I will contact you with further questions.

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