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Rain Panorama

Healing the Pain Through Authentic Spiritual Life (PDF free download from

Forest Monastery Journal [40 MB PDF] is a digest of journal posts from the last six months chronicling my transformation into a Theravāda Buddhist monk. The posts are compiled into an eBook, which you can download from this link. It has been freshly edited and contains many new and unreleased photos from my monastery adventure. Enjoy! 

The Skillful Living Video Series is based on writings and slide shows developed over the last two years. The materials are CC-licensed so you can use them in your own presentations with attribution. You can download these materials from the links below:

The Buddha’s Teaching and the Ambiguity of Existence, Version 0.11 by R.G. de S. Wettimuny, edited by Ven. Nyanasara Thero, is meant as a text to accompany our podcast series discussing the excellent content of this important book. We will update this file as we complete entering and editing the book, which is currently out of print. Each time we update, we will also increment the version number.


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